Hello wonderer! Here is the way to start your journey to make your Telegram Account automated with UserGe. It is the best Open-source Userbot for Telegram to simplify your daily task in a convenient way.

What is UserGe?

UserGe is a Powerful, Pluggable Telegram UserBot written in Python using Pyrogram by which you can Automate your Telegram account to work as you want. It comes with salient and descriptive features that help you to manage your task with some easy command.


  1. Deployment
  2. How to Use (FAQs)
  3. Examples
  4. Decorators
  5. Errors and their Fixes
  6. Termux

Note: Users who want to make custom plugins need to have a Moderate level of Python like Data-types, Functions, Iterators, Async/await syntaxes, Some modules and libraries like Pyrogram, requests, os, aiohttp, etc.