Errors and their Fixes.

The Purpose of this page to get solution of all common Errors.

1. Description: “Bad request : chat not found”

Mostly this happens if your bot missing in log channel. So first add your bot into log channel and restart your bot. Still happening? Then, double check your values of BOT_TOKEN and LOG_CHANNEL_ID. Probably you did a mistake.

2. Description: “Unauthorized”

Probably your BOT_TOKEN is invalid. So recheck or revoke it from Botfather and update the new value.

3. Invalid log chat type

You can only use super-groups and channels as log chat. So promote current group into a super-group or use a channel as log chat (LOG_CHANNEL_ID).

4. Unauthorized for url

Seems your HEROKU_API_KEY is wrong. Go to your Heroku Dashboard, Account -> profile, grab your API KEY (regenerate if need) and update the value of this var.

5. Build faild: could not find an Aptfile

Please read our deployment guide. You are doing it in wrong way.

6. Pymongo: Authentication failed

Seems like you are using special characters with your username or password. Simply don’t use those or escape them properly. Further read this.

7. Pymongo: no write concern mode named ‘majority’ found in …

By deleting &w=majority part at the end will solve this problem. Further read this

8. Too many requests: try after …

Probably, this happens when there are too many requests. So, Turn off your bot for a while and turn back it on. If you read this message properly, you can get an idea about how much time should you stop your bot.

9. Error: Unpack requires a buffer of 263 bytes

Userge is based on Pyrogram. So you have to give a Pyrogram session string to SESSION_STRING.

10. Auth Key Duplicated / Revoked / Unregistered

Simply make a new Pyrogram session string.