Termux Guide for Userge

Important! unlike heroku it will cost everything from you


Quick Setup

Step By Step:

First of all, Update packages and Install root Repository

pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install root-repo

Install Python and necessary packages

pkg install git python proot resolv-conf libxml2 libxslt libjpeg-turbo
pip install -U pip wheel setuptools

Install Pillow

LDFLAGS="-L/system/lib/" CFLAGS="-I/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/include/" pip install Pillow

Then Clone Loader and Go to cloned directory

git clone https://github.com/UsergeTeam/Loader Loader && cd Loader

Install Requirements

bash install_req

Generate and Fill config.env

cp config.env.sample config.env
nano config.env

Done. Now run Userge

cd Loader
bash run